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Call Matt and Sarah Fish
Home (928) 532 -1007
     Cell (928) 551-1303
Home of Adorable Lab Pups

Family raised, Excellent disposition, Highly Intelligent, Working / Hunting Lines.

Call us to inquire about your Adorable Lab Puppy today! The waiting list is filling up fast!
About the name of our kennels:  Labrador Retrievers that have "white fur" while very rare, they are recognized by the AKC as being true Yellow Labs.  The fact is, Yellow Labrador Retreivers can come in a broad spectrum of colors ranging from almost pure white (such as ours), blonde, to even what is commonly refered to as fox red. Yet, all of these variances are classified by the AKC as Yellow Labrador Retrievers.

Additional fun fact:  The name of our kennel is based upon the name of our (sire), Silver. Silver received his name when he was only 8 weeks of age: our sons were watching the Lone Ranger when the theme music ("William Tell overture") was playing. Each time the intro played, Silver would come running, prancing, twirling, and pawing the air with great excitement. Highly spirited and very energetic, Silver expresses a super drive to continually work throughout the day and night, truly living up to his name! The theme music to the Lone Ranger continues to thrill Silver to this very day!  
​​Puppies are BORN = May 25th 2018
TAKING DEPOSITS NOW ! HURRY to reserve your puppy !
Deposits will be on a first come, first served basis.
You will NOT be obligated to send money
at this time. You will only be put on a
"Please, notify me" call list.
Fully Accredited Service Dogs = AKC Titles and Training:

AKCCGC / SAR / Service Dogs for the Disabled / USSDR

More Titles to come in the near future!
= See PRICING for white fur (AKC Certified Yellow) Labrador Pups =
= Silver (sire) and Belle's (dam) SPRING litter 2017 =
= at BOTTOM of this page =

When they were puppies....
....soon to have puppies !
  1. 1
    Hi-yo, Silver! (the Ranch Hand)
    AKC DNA Certified sire / papa
  2. 2
    Southern Belle (the Little Lady)
    AKC DNA Certified dam / momma
  3. 3
    AKC Registration forms
    AKC Registration forms will be provided with each puppy according to BASE (Limited), or PREMIUM (FULL Breeding Rights). See prices at bottom of page.
A Good start !
Your puppies health is very important to us! Your puppy will come with a small bag of "Taste of the Wild" which it was weaned on to assure ease of adjustment and proper nutrition. 
Feeding a balanced diet:
Active and intelligent dogs need proper nutrition to sustain a healthy, energetic, working / demanding life style. Choose a nutritionally formulated food such as "Taste of the Wild" to help meet such demands your puppy needs to grow and remain healthy. 

To adopt your very own adorable Lab pup,
Matt and Sarah Fish
Home: 928-532-1007
​Cell: 928-551-1303

* Be sure to contact us as soon as possible to reserve your pup *

* Boys and Girls *
$1,000.00 ea. Total Price
Taking DEPOSITS SOON $150.00
HURRY they won't last long !

We care about your puppy as they are one of our own.

Sterling Silver