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Call Matt and Sarah Fish
Home (928) 532 -1007
     Cell (928) 551-1303
Home of Adorable Lab Pups

Family raised, Excellent disposition, Highly Intelligent, Working / Hunting Lines.

Call us to inquire about your Adorable Lab Puppy today! The waiting list is filling up fast!
About the name of our kennels:  Labrador Retrievers that have "white fur" are recognized by the AKC as being true Yellow Labs.  The fact is, Yellow Labrador Retreivers can come in a broad spectrum of colors ranging from almost pure white (such as ours), blonde, to even what is commonly refered to as fox red. Yet, all of these variances are classified by the AKC as Yellow Labrador Retrievers.

Additional fun fact:  The name of our kennel is based upon the name of our (sire), Silver. Silver received his name when he was only 8 weeks of age: our sons were watching the Lone Ranger when the theme music ("William Tell overture") was playing. Each time the intro played, Silver would come running, prancing, twirling, and pawing the air with great excitement. Highly spirited and very inergetic, Silver expresses a super drive to continually work throughout the day and night, truly living up to his name! The theme music to the Lone Ranger continues to thrill Silver to this very day!  
Home of Adorable Lab Pups !
From our home / hearts to you / yours!

We strive to provide your puppy with EXCELLENT CARE:

Hips and Elbows Guaranteed,  Dew Claws Removed, Vacinated, Dewormed with Shot Record provided and Health verified by a licensed Veternarian!
Your adorable puppy comes with a welcome home care package!
Your new puppy is sure to be a viable part of your life / family
We have devoted much time in selecting and developing some of the best breeding lines possible.  Given proper training and attention, your puppy will be highly intelligent and possess an excellent disposition. 

Each puppy will be sent to its new home with a care package: shot record, statement of health from the vet, a bag of nutritionally balanced food that your puppy is weaned on, and AKC registration form (inquire about base registration and breeding rights as certain stipulations apply accordingly), along with additional gift items (over a $ 70.00 VALUE, all yours for FREE = Our love expressed to you and your puppy's new home / owner). 

Deposits are non-refundable as they take the puppy off the adoption listing. We appreciate your understanding. Our puppies are NOT cheap as we have devoted much time and expense into ensuring professional training, care, and socialization with other people, dogs, and pets. Your fee assures us that you truly appreciate superior qualifications and excellent breeding lines, that our puppies will be adopted by responsible, loving, and caring people, and that you will provide them with the safest and most affectionate home which they deserve. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: 

Matt and Sarah Fish
Home:  (928) 532-1007
    Cell:  (928) 551-1303

OVER a $30.00 VALUE yours FREE with completed adoption to help ensure your puppy gets off to a great start! 
Love our Vets
Help us help our disabled Veterans!
We invite you to come out and visit us at Sterling Silver Kennels, to see our "spirited" canine companion SILVER who lives up to his name! 
Yes. We here at the Fish family are all big fans of that famous fictional hero of the Old West.

Reminisce with us of that golden era of both Radio and Television:  Back when heroes looked to the GOOD BOOK for determining what was right and wrong, and not just a lawyer, judge, or a politician. A time when there was a HIGHER AUTHORITY that guided the majority of men's consciences and those brave and daring men who swore to uphold it made a difference. Where everyone in the land was considered an American = but = whether or not they were "good citizens" depended largely upon their belief "to do good unto others as you would have them do unto you, and to love your neighbor as yourself" = Where Truth and Justice were celebrated as the Code of the American Way.  

Clayton Moore and his co-star Jay Silverheels epitomized the ideal American Heroes on the Silver Screen.  Every weekday we were thrilled to see them ride off on their mighty steeds to help someone in need:

With a mighty cloud of dust, and a hearty, "Hi-yo, Silver, away!"  ~ The Lone Ranger